Arusha ‘Roo’ Irvine

Arusha or ‘Roo’ (as most people know her) is a regular TV expert on shows such as BBC Antiques Roadtrip, Bargain Hunt, Flipping Profit & Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip. Roo owns and operates Kilcreggan Antiques in Argyll & Bute. More TV projects are under discussion for 2021/22

About Me

I’m Arusha Irvine – though most people just call me ‘Roo’ – and I am the owner of Kilcreggan Antiques. I was discovered, some might say, ‘late in life’ as a TV expert and presenter – I prefer to think it was ‘just in time’ !

I live in a small village in Argyll & Bute, Scotland with my wonderful husband and my two Maine Coon cats.

BBC Antiques Roadtrip

I’ve been so lucky to be a part of this great show and now feel very much part of the ‘family’. Roadtrips are great fun and a lot of hard work and I’ve been blessed to have shared the journeys, along the way, with great colleagues and friends: – James Braxton, Phil Serrell, David Harper, Angus Ashworth & Steven Moore.

BBC Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip

I have now completed numerous ‘CART’s’ with some amazing celeb partners such as; Clare Holman, Danny Crates , Michelle Ackerley, Rav Wilding, Helen Skelton, Keith Duffy, the fabulous Russell Grant,  and the even more fabulous Tony Maudsley. 2021/22 will see me working with some more great names from the world of Pop Music, Sport, TV & Theatre as we battle our way (lightheartedly) through antique shops, historic visits and auction houses around the UK.

BBC Bargain Hunt

I was lucky enough to be asked to join the team of experts on BBC 1’s Bargain Hunt in early 2019 and it has been great fun working with amateur antique hunters, over the past few years, and of course my dear colleagues and friends. Many more episodes to come to your screens during 2021/22 and plenty of laughs along the way !

BBC Flipping Profit

Flipping Profit ran in April 2018 and I was lucky enough to be asked to be one of the regular experts completing four of the 20-episodes in the series. FP was a cool concept asking experts to put up their own money, competing against market traders and up-cyclers to make the most money for charity. (I’m pictured here with the very talented Scottish up-cycler Kev Paxton.)

Photo Gallery

Just a few shots of me in ‘action’ but you can see more pictures of the many amazing colleagues, cars, celebrities, places and people I have been lucky enough to encounter since embarking on my own adventure – just click here or go to the Gallery.

TV Work & Bookings

I am always interested in looking at new projects, opportunities and private bookings. You can read more and contact me via the ‘business’ page.

Social Media

I tend to use Twitter a lot so please feel free to follow me there @RooIrvine

You can also find me on Instagram